edrocha1961 is a space created in January 2014 for sharing ideas regarding different subjects.

We will mainly post texts concerning our spiritual journey and our relationship with the Lord, but once in a while there will be something of general interest as well.

Thanks for reading.


Life Mission: “To know and glorify God, in a contagious way”


edrocha1961 é um espaço criado em janeiro de 2014 para compartilhar idéias relacionadas a vários assuntos.

Nós vamos postar principalmente textos associados a nossa jornada espiritual e nosso relacionamento com nosso Senhor, mas de vez em quando teremos algo de interesse geral.

Obrigado, e boa leitura.


Missão de vida: “Conhecer e glorificar a Deus, de uma maneira contagiosa”

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  1. Ed, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. You write so well and they certainly give me a lot of “food for thought”. I’ll look forward to reading some more in the future.

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