2 comments on “College Memories

  1. Practice the pause as I call it.. and speak truth.. this helps me so I pause and think and then speak.. hope this helps.. I think when you speak you always speak truth and are always wise!!!

  2. I believe the context in which you are quick to speak is usually appropriate, either for instruction, or for humor.
    I think the situation for being slow to speak is when a heart issue is being shared. So many times we want to fix the problem but don’t recognise the pain the person is feeling. I am very guilty of this. ” If you would do such and such it may help” as if that person had not already thought of that. Even if they hadn’t, that’s not what they need.
    I am doing it less now maybe because I realize how dumb I am. It may be harder for smart people.

    If you have not already seen it, look up ” it’s not about the nail” video. It’s funny, and I think typical of guys.

    As always, I enjoy your posts. Thanks

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