2 comments on “To Be or Not To Be

  1. Ed, that piece of stone has great meaning for me. Few years ago there was this beautiful restaurant in Cheraw called “Hidden Tresures.” Her owner, a good Christian woman, had decorated it very tastefully and she had soap stones and other gifts with Scriptures for sell. One day I came to this restaurant with my husband for our lunch break. It was a particularly difficult day for me. We had recently lost a baby and I felt broken, sad and angry with God. We had been trying for years to have kids and now we had lost another one.
    You know that I am always cheerful and making jokes (the happiness of living in Christ, with Christ and for Christ), but this time it felt more like a façade of my normal self. We were in the middle of our meal and here came the owner (as she always did) to say hello, but she brought something with her and told me “I don’t know what it is that’s going on in your life, but the Holy Spirit told me to give you this.” It was that piece of stone with Psalms 46:10. I started crying because I felt God cared for me and understood my brokenness. He was letting me know that he was in control. My emotional healing from that loss of the baby came few months later, but God was already working in me with His grace.

    Now that verse on the stone in my office reminds me during the difficult situations that He is God and I just need to be in his presence, still, letting Him do His work in my personal and professional life.

    • It was great to see that verse in your office. It is a tremendous reminder that we need to rely on Him. Our problems look so much smaller when we think of how great He is. I did not mention your name, because I try to avoid using people’s names in an open blog, that anyone can see. Thank you for the inspiration you provided. Many times it is difficult to understand His plan for us, so we just need to trust.

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